Paradise Landscaping and Nursery in Palm Coast, Florida - This company sucks

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We used paradise for landscaping to include sodding are yard and it was the worst choice we could have made. The grass did not last 4 months before it had fungus and other problems.

They do not warranty their sod at all. I do not know where they get there sod but it is the worst. I went and bought sod from home depot to replace alot of the areas and that grass is doing better then what they laid. I would not send anyone there for anything because they really do not care about the customed being satisfied only there bottom line.

If you ride pass there place of business and look at there products its like they buy the cheapeast stuff and put it out there for sale. Everything I have brought from them is dead or dying and I have to replace it so paying for landscaping twice for a job that should have been done right the first time.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

Paradise Landscaping and Nursery in Palm Coast, Florida - Very Poor Customer Service

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Product or Service Quality

We had Paradise install a Sabal Palm in January for which we paid $300. They told us it's guaranteed for a year.

It's now the middle of May and we see no green. I've called 3 times, visited twice and each time they tell me someone will come out to check the tree but no one shows up. I did get a call from the owner about 1 month ago saying he would come out but again, no one came out.

My neighbor purchased many plants from them and had the same problem. This company gives VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Did a good job installing the tree.

I didn't like: Do not respond to problems.

Paradise Landscaping and Nursery in Reston, Virginia - One year tree gaurantee not honored

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Paradise Landscaping & Nursery Palm Coast Florida sold my neighbor and I two Queen Palms last April and gave a One Year Warranty.

The trees died and when I called them they advised my that they had signs up in their office saying they did not cover frost damage. There were NO such signs there when we bought them and after last winter they put them up and have refused to do anything.

Clearly we are being misled and I suggest you NOT buy anything from them ever. They don't back up their goods! They changed the rules when they saw that the winter was very cold and lied to us about the signs. There were 4 of us there when we bought the trees and no one EVER saw any signs until we went into the place AFTER last winter.

Monetary Loss: $150.



Slanderous ? LOL Welcome to America and freedom of speech slander would be if that person put up signs and made commercials and went to every website at same time.

Dont like Freedom of speech then get out. Also just because one person has a good experience dosent mean everyone else will, so dont try to defend this company because your a fan boy of it.


I agree that they cannot warranty against freeze but they should inform you about it. My wife and i moved from New Jersey and went there because they were cheap but since we have figured out why.

They do not hire qualified help(If you can even get help) and the quality of there material is sub par. We purchased a lot of stuff from them and did not have very good luck with it.

They told us that the plants would do good in certain areas but when we got home and looked on internet we realized what they told us was in fact not correct. We have since found some other garden center to go to and it is quite the different and they have very knowledgable people with experience in the industry.


I have been to numerous nurseries around the state of florida and most of them in this area do tell you that because of the unknowns of the winter that they cannot warranty becuase of a bad winter. This is obvious to most consumers who buy plants.

My experience with them was with their irrigation system. I bid out three different companies and they were all within a couple of hundred dollars within each others bids and I really wish that i would not have went with the cheapest. I was not told that they were using all 3" pop up heads (when you are supposed to keep grass maintained at 3.5"-4") i had numerous areas in my lawn die.

it was not until i hired a reputal company and had them change all my heads before i got the lawn i wanted. I would say be careful of what you pay for.


I understand being angry losing a palm tree you spent money to put in, but I cannot see in my personal experience how you came to feel so misled. I myself bought a Queen Palm from Paradise a year ago and was very well informed of what I was getting myself into.

Both by nursery staff and the gentlemen doing the install at my house. I believe they go above and beyond to try to keep you informed. Every time I call with a question, they try their best to satisfy my curiosities.

Also, as my queen palm did take on frost damage, they came by to look at it and advise me further on what to do. It did not die, and thanks to their service I still have my tree.


I take offense to this article as this is untrue and can be considered slanderous. I have been using Paradise Nursery since they opened and have NEVER had a problem.

As a matter of fact I have spent probably over $3500 in plants and trees and they have been extremely professional, courteous, and responsive. THe signs that this consumer mentions were not previously there, I can matter of factly vouch that the signs were there and have been for as far back as I can remember. I know this for a fact because when I purchased a Robellini palm about three years ago, and asked about the warranty and was told that it was not cold hardy, they then recommended alternatives and pointed to the sign, saying that they were not responsible to acts of nature or cold. The group probably did not noticed the sign because they were probably overfilled with joy at the price and quality of the material at the time of purchase, or were conversating.

Highly doubtful all 4 were scouting around the office for signage. I am not an advocate nor have any gain in this comment, as it may seem that I work for this nursery (I actually work in the insurance industry), and am extremely disappointed how someone can sound off and try and hold someone else responsible over such a silly/impertinent matter. This is remorse due to last years brutal winter, and unfortunatley trying to bad mouth a local company that actually we should all be glad to have around with such quality and fair priced material.

Please disregard this disgruntled comment to which I am replying and give them a try for yourself. I am sure that this same person has about 500 additional posts about other products, items or companies that he wants the world to banned.

to John Palm Coast, Florida, United States #635589

I agree 100% with John ,paradise is a great place to do business

I recommend them without restriction

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